Computer Integrated Data Management

GCCRC Job Opportunities

The GCCRC platform “From Gene to Trait” generates terabites of data including images from phenotyping experiments. The success of GCCRC platform relies on the integration and analysis of data by connecting the large amounts generated by its different research area. To facilitate this work GCCRC aquired licences for the LIMS software that will provide tools and guidance for researchers, students ans technicians to manage their data.

We are looking for a highly motivated candidate that will be responsible for data management and guide researchers, students and technicians with data management plans, data and metadata description, data protection, data storage management.

The candidate must have Master or PhD degree with background in life-sciences or computational sciences. Proven experience data management generated from genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and phenomics.

We offer a FAPESP TT5 scholarship for 4 years. Applications should be submitted to GCCRC Jobs. Applicants should be fluent in English. The application should include a detailed CV, the names and contact details of at least two reference persons and a personal statement in English. Potentially eligible candidates will be invited for an interview. Applications are welcome until the positions are filled.