Former Members

Meet the people who boosted GCCRC research


Jaderson Silveira Leite Armanhi
Armanhi’s research was related to plant microbiomes and microbial mechanisms involved in plant growth. On his PhD he has created innovative methods for construction and identification of microbial culture collections. Very recently he has also been focused on developing a real-time monitoring system for remote study of plant physiology aiming to investigate biotic and abiotic effects on plant physiology.
Rafael Soares Correa de Souza
Souza main research area at GCCRC regarded to association mechanisms and functional role of plant colonizing microbiome. He has experience in building genome, sequencing and microbiome community analysis. He received his PhD on Genetics and Molecular Biology studying sugarcane bacteria and fungi community during the Saccharome Project.
Viviane’s research interest was focused on the study of maize protein kinases involved with drought stress responses using multidisciplinary approaches that include genetic modification and genome editing.