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The GCCRC research program is built upon a platform called “From Gene to Trait”. This platform uses modern bioinformatics and computational tools to interrogate omics data from a wide variety of sources to identify novel genes, pathways, and microbes to develop biotechnologies to face a threat imposed by climate changes.

The GCCRC science is especially interested in the genomes and microbiomes of plants growing in biodiverse ecosystems exposed to severe water deficit and acidic and nutrient-poor soils.

Robust state of the art tools is used to unravel new cellular, molecular, and metabolic mechanisms associated with drought and high temperature stress response and nutrient acquisition. Proof of concepts for genes and microbes are obtained in maize as a model plant using molecular tools, including transformation and genome editing. Modern plant physiology phenotyping helps characterize plant response to stress, and the technologies are then incorporated in elite maize germplasm to scale field trials and robust proof of concept.

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