The GCCRC research program is organized in a platform called From Gene to Trait that uses genomics, bioinformatics, gene editting, plant trasformation, microbiome and real time phenotyping to evaluate technologies to improve plant performance under abiotic stress. The platform starts with a wide gene discovery program employing sequencing the complete genemome of plant stremofiles, plant associate microbial communities, and public available databaes to target genes, peptides and small molecules involved in plant biology associate to abiotic response.

The platform is organized into projects comprising targeting genes of unknown fucntios, untargeted protein kinases, mitochondrial metabolism, plant beneficial microorganisms among others. Genes are introduced/editted in maize through Agrobacterium transformation and plants are phenotyped primerily in green houses and growth chambers. Final proof of concept for developded traits are validated in multiple year field trials. Approved technologies are made available to ther productive sector through licensing and spinoff startups create by researchers and students associated to GCCRC.